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Hippie Costume

Women in hippie costume

Though the term “hippie” is often associated with the late 1960s, there were plenty of hippies remaining in the early part of the 70s as well.

Hippies were all about peace, “free love”, and anything else that was countercultural.

Many lived in communities like New York City’s Greenwich Village and San Francisco’s Haight-Ashbury, professing their opposition to the Vietnam War.

What many found most memorable about the hippies of the 60s and early 70s was their style. Most hippies had long straight hair – including the men – often unkempt in appearance.

Their clothing was extremely casual, loose, and comfortable and usually consisted of bright colors and patterns. Bell bottom trousers, peasant shirts, long skirts, head bands, beads – they were all common parts of a hippie’s everyday clothing and the fads permeated the mainstream as well, until even those who were far from being hippies embraced their fashion trends.

Today, hippie costumes are among the most widely sought for 60s and 70s parties and are easily the most recognizable.

Furthermore, many of today’s most popular clothing styles mimic the fashions of the hippie era, including comfortable sun dresses with gathered bodices, long flowing colorful skirts, bell bottoms, crocheted vests, woven hemp belts, and all sorts of other fashions from the past.

Hence, putting together a hippie costume for a party isn’t all that difficult.

In addition, there are a number of costume companies that market pre-packaged hippie costumes that are fairly reasonably priced and ideal for the person who doesn’t have time to seek out vintage stores and go shopping.

These costumes are available for both men and women and come in several different varieties. Many of the men’s hippie costumes include a vest (often fringed), shirt, and bell bottom pants, often in a loud print.

These hippie costumes can be embellished with the addition of a head band, peace sign necklace, a long-hair wig, round sunglasses, and other accessories.

Women’s hippie costumes vary as well. Often, they feature the same bell bottom pants, loose shirt, and fringy vest as the men’s costumes, but women can also purchase hippie-style mini dresses with go-go boots, “maxi” dresses, and more.

Again, these costumes are quite easy to accessorize with just a few pieces of period jewelry, a mod headband, a long-hair wig, a macramé purse or belt, and some sandals.

These costumes are great not only for parties but for Halloween as well.