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CB Radio Lingo

In the 1970s, CB (citizens band) radios were all the rage and the CB radio lingo was really cool.

CB Radios, which were once the realm of truckers, became a common item in cars that “regular” people drove as well, and scores of individuals had lots of fun taking to the CB airways, communicating in a way that gave them instant contact with their fellow drivers down the road a piece.

Though many truckers weren’t happy that others had adopted the CB radio, the 70 fad persisted until cell phones began to immerge, bringing a whole new era of communication.

CBers had their own special lingo language. Truck drivers knew it best but others began to pick it up as the fad progressed.

CB radio lingo often seemed unusual at first glance, but made a lot of sense once you stopped to think about it for a while.

For example, 10-4 were the words uttered in reference to okay, and “Motor City” was the moniker for Detroit.

Half the fun of tuning in was listening to this interesting CB lingo that was being tossed back and forth and trying to learn as much of it as possible.

Here are some common CB Lingo:

Alligator – blown tire on the roadway

Back Door – behind you

Back ‘em Up or Back Off the Hammer – slow down

Bear – police officer

Break- request to talk on the channel

Catch Ya on the Flip Flop – see you on the return trip

Chicken Coop – weigh station

Cash Register – toll booth

Comic Book – a trucker’s log book

Better Half – spouse

Big Road – an interstate highway

Bobtail – tractor with no trailer attached

Double Nickel – 55 mph

Evel Knievel – motorcycle police

Four Wheeler – standard automobile

Granny Lane – slow lane

Hammer Lane – fast lane

Handle – one’s CB nickname

Ears – CB radio

Parking Lot – a truck that hauls cars

Safe Driving Award – traffic ticket

Salt Shaker – snow plow

Smokey – police officer

10-4 – okay

10-20 – location

10-33 – emergency

10-36 – what is the time?

Yard Stick – mile marker

Wally World – Wal-Mart

The Big A – Amarillo

Windy City – Chicago

Bean Town – Boston

Big Apple – New York

Derby City – Louisville

Guitar – Nashville

Cigar City – Tampa

Beer Town – Milwaukee

Sin City – Reno

The Dome – Houston

Watermelon 500 – Atlanta