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70s Wallpaper

Retro style 70s wallpaper

In the 70s, trends leaned towards big and loud.

Clothing was fashioned from large prints and busy geometric-patterned fabrics, usually done in bright, vibrant colors.

Logically, those who were responsible for creating home décor during that era took their cue from the fashion industry - which was doing quite well during the 70s - and designed furnishings and decorating items that were equally as flashy, appealing especially to the young and young-at-heart.

Nowhere are the home décor trends of the 70s more apparent than in the wallpaper that hung on the walls of the houses that were newly decorated during that decade.

Gone were the boring tiny floral prints or wedgewood patterns of the 60s and earlier, boring enough to cause sleepiness during a dinner party or other formal soirée.

In their place came 70s wallpaper that you’d notice from a mile away, fashioned in bright, bold colors and interesting fabrics.

Geometric prints were especially prominent on 70s wallpaper. Common patterns included squares, circles, wavy lines, and all sorts of other shapes. They came in a variety of hues and often sported two or three colors mixed together in an eye-catching design.

These patterns were very “groovy” and could be found in just about any room in the house though many people would use them in the den or rec room for a mod look.

It wasn’t unusual, however, for geometric patterns to be on the walls of a room or even in a bathroom.

Floral prints were in fashion as well, but the flowers found on 70s wallpaper were anything but tiny and demure. These flowers were big and bold, modern and fun.

Generally, the flowers weren’t modeled after intricate real-life blossoms but were a simpler artist’s rendering of something that represented a flower. Perhaps a nod back to the Flower Power movement of the 60s, this wallpaper was a favorite with women.

Besides the new and interesting bold prints that came about in the 70s, the era brought wallpaper in a variety of materials as well.

So-called “foil’ wallpaper was wall covering that bore a print that was shiny and reflective. Often, these prints included gold, silver, copper, bronze, or other metallic colors.

It was common to find them on the walls of the family bathroom though they may have been used in other rooms as well, including the kitchen. It was a bold statement but certainly indicative of the flamboyance of the decade.

A lot of 70s wallpaper was also made of vinyl. This vinyl wall covering included the same bold prints and shapes as normal paper wall coverings, but was actually easier to care for as the owner could wipe it down with a damp soapy sponge and eliminate most of the stains.

The clean-ability of this product made it popular for use in home kitchens, restaurants, and other public places where stains were commonplace.