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Whether you grew up in the 70s or just always wanted to get your groove on like a disco queen, a 70s party is a scene your guests will really dig.

So pull on your bell bottoms, get that disco ball turning, and play that funky music.

Or if you’re more into Led Zeppelin than Donna Summer, you can throw a rocken 70s party that’s simple but fun.

70s Party Scene

Although disco was one of the hottest trends of the decade, it didn’t show up until the latter half. Not every 70’s party needs to be a scene from Saturday Night Fever.

Pick the 70s style that suits you and your guests! If your guest list includes former dancing queens and kings, then by all means get the disco ball out.

But if the invitees prefer rock n’ roll to danceable beats, a 70s party with a hippy flair might be more your speed. Both themes can mean a great time, and are easy to put together!

Or simply throw a general 70s party where everyone dresses however they like, as long as it’s 70s style. How else can you get hippies and disco dancers in the same room?

70s Party Invitations

Depending on what type of party you have decided on, you can make your 70s party invitations reflect the mood.

For a disco party, print out a large picture of a disco ball, cut it out and then write the details on the back.

If you are after the hippy crowd, an invitation featuring the popular 70s happy face symbol will sure to be a hit.

If you want everyone to show up in a 70s costume, make sure the invitation makes it clear!

Use wording that suits your theme – a disco invitation should invite everyone to boogie down, while a hippy invitation can use words like groovy and far out.

70s Party Decorating

Decorating for a disco party will require a dance floor, a disco ball, and some lights. For both themes you can hang beaded curtains, and throw a shag rug on the ground if you have one.

For a hippy party, get some bean bag chairs.

You can decorate the walls with happy faces, movie posters from the 70s like Star Wars and Saturday Night Fever, and maybe set out a few of that 70s fads - pet rocks.

For costumes, wear bell bottoms, tight 70s T-shirts with funny slogans or band logos and tie dye.

Jazz it up for a disco theme with metallic fabrics, the highest platform shoes, and bright colors.

Think suits with wide lapels for men, with shiny shirts open at the neck. Don’t forget heavy gold jewelry for all!

70s Party Music

Of course the choice of music will depend on the theme of the party. A general 70s party will have a good mix of both disco beats and 70s rock classics.

For a disco party, the music choice is obvious, while the hippies will prefer classic rock tunes.

If you still have those old 70s records and a turntable available, the scratchy sound will add authenticity and a real 70s ambience to your party.

Make sure any disco party has plenty of dancing space! And brush up on the 70s dances like the Hustle and Bump so you can really get down and get funky.

70s Party Theme

Challenge your guests to a 70s trivia game , and hold a dance contest Saturday Night Fever style to keep the fun going.

No matter what your groove, a 70s party is always a hit with guests. If you set the mood and keep the tunes going, you’ll have happy – and exhausted guests at the end of the night!

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