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70s Headbands

Women have worn headbands for decades.

These hair accessories have always been both fashionable and utilitarian – enhancing the outfit of the day and keeping a women’s hair out of her eyes.

In the late 60s, when hippie fashions became all the rage, headbands were nearly always part of the outfit – for both men and women.

Take a look at photos from the era, including pics from Woodstock or other rock concerts, and you’ll clearly see that headbands were a must-have for those who enjoyed flaunting the comfortable hippie style.

While today’s headbands sit on the crown of the head, hippie headbands of the 60s and 70s tied around the forehead. Quite often, the most common headband was a simple, solid colored thin scarf tied around the head with the ends hanging down on one side.

This was the quintessential hippie look and was perfect with bell bottom jeans and a gauzy peasant shirt. This kind of headband wasn’t limited to just women. Men wore them, too.

Some 70s headbands were made of a stretchy material that simply slipped around the head. Wearers could put them on in the traditional way or around the forehead.

These were inexpensive so it wasn’t uncommon for those who wore them to own several in a variety of different colors.

Because one of the popular fads of the 70s was macramé, it wasn’t unusual for those who practiced this craft to fashion headbands from yarn or string.

Macrame, the art of tying knots, was a great way to make headbands and you could create them in literally every color of the rainbow. Macrame headbands, like scarves, were tied around the forehead and the ends were left hanging down on one side of the head.

Similarly, some 70s headbands were made of strips of leather, usually thin. They were tied around the forehead as well. These leather headbands provided the wearer with a Native American look, which was enhanced by the fringed leather vests or jackets that were also popular during that era.

If you’re hosting a 1970s party or are going to be a guest at one, it’s pretty easy to create a typical headband of the era.

Purchase a long thin scarf, a piece of brightly printed fabric, or even a pack of girl’s stretchy hair bands and you’ve got an instant 70s headband that you can wear around your forehead.

If you’ve got long hair, wear it down and parted in the middle and you’ll exude that quintessential 70s look!