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70s Disco Costumes

Long live disco! Those who enjoyed life in the 70s were no doubt part of the disco scene or – at least – enjoyed the music and fashions of the era.

Disco brought great energy to the dance halls, fun to the movie screens, and contributed some unique looks to the world of fashion.

It’s no wonder baby boomers everywhere are throwing 70s disco parties to celebrate landmark birthdays or other events.

Guests who’ve been invited to these 70s parties are usually encouraged to arrive in costume, and what would be more indicative of the fashion of a 70s disco costume of some sort.

Lately, costume manufacturers have embraced the decade and have succeeded in marketing a wide range of inexpensive 70s costumes that capture the many faces of disco fashion.

For women, the disco club presented an opportunity for plenty of glitz and glam. As a matter of fact, the more sparkly, the better!

A favorite women’s 70s disco costume choice would probably be the jumpsuit, often fashioned from a shiny lamé fabric that looked fantastic under the disco ball.

Costume companies have embraced this fashion and many offer several styles of disco jumpsuit for purchase.

These funky jumpsuits were often fashioned in a halter style and were tight until the knees and flared from that point on. Back then (and probably now as well) they produced lots of disco fever!

Don’t forget to buy a pair of 70s platform shoes, a very necessary accessory to go with the jumpsuit!

Women may also consider a 70s disco costume that includes a mini dress, usually in a loud print, and rather flouncy in comparison to the straight Twiggy-like minis of the 60s.

These were often worn with a matching headband, some bangle bracelets, and go-go boots.

The most popular 70s disco costume for men is the three-piece white suit John Travolta wore on screen in the movie Saturday Night Fever. There are plenty of adaptations of this suit available from costume makers.

Most include include Travolta’s black shirt with its long collar, meant to be worn with the first 2 or 3 buttons undone. White platform shoes are a must to complete the picture and inexpensive ones are available from 70s costume suppliers.

Men can also choose a jumpsuit, a fashion not all that different from the ladies. As with the counterpart female version, men’s jumpsuits were often pretty glitzy.

Men might also choose a 70s disco costume that includes tight disco pants with a sparkly, form-fitted shirt that was usually worn partially unbuttoned.

Accessories for these 70s disco costumes include some sort of gold chain and – of course – platform shoes.

In the later years of the 70s, leisure suits were in vogue. These were often available in pastel colors but many were made in plaid as well.

The solid-colored suits were worn with print shirts while the plaids were worn with solid colors. White loafers or tied shoes were worn to complement these unique suits.

Today, costume companies have duplicated this look and sell packaged costumes that allow 21st century men to take a trip to decades past and try the much-maligned leisure suit, which was named as such because it was made of comfortable fabric and didn’t require the use of a tie.